The Tour de Force

The Tour de Force

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Born Under A Bad Sign...Stage 2: Utrecht to Zeeland...Sunday 28th June 2015

We were a little tired this a.m. but still rolled out with all the rest of the rabble bang-on 0800hrs, under a blue Utrecht sky with light winds. 110 miles to go. Result!

Could be a tad windy...
What's the collective for a bunch like this? No, best not to answer thanks.
This constituted a hill today, hah-hah!
The first 25 miles of each stage are  controlled- the fast guys can't sod-off right away basically, which means that there is more of a group ethos. Because we spent a lot of time today on Nederland's cycle lanes there was an awful lot of stop-start behaviour...this is what put paid to a decent average speed. In between the traffic lights etc., the speed did get up to 20 mph or so: thanks in no small part to the flat terrain.

Go on Jack!

We were victims of our own success in this regard: because we were rolling along quicker than the admin team reckoned on, and the tricky nature of putting signs on so many cycle lanes meant that we had gotten ahead of the signing team. This resulted in more than a few bouts of hanging around, in an effort to let them get ahead...lo and behold we caught them again!

As Andy said, if this is the only thing that goes wrong over the next three weeks then that'll do for us. Dead right. Mind you, I couldn't help thinking of this Charlie Watts interview today: worth catching what he says at 2 mins and 20 secs on...class delivery!

What was great to see today was how savvy the riders are, in terms of shouting warnings of road furniture, cars and civilians. And we all stayed upright too...excellent! A happy by-product of the hold-ups was that we cycled in two or three large bunches, which meant that there was a lot more mixing, chatting and general bonhomie that otherwise might have been the case.

A shower of lycra.
Your guess is as etc...
Yup. A duck's head.
So a bit of a different day for sure, but still strangely enjoyable. What was the icing was that our hotel for tonight is a belter: much too fine for the likes of us but there we are. Cheers!

The circus has come to town: stage two dans le bag!

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  1. Guv, Shame you didn't get any echelon action, but make the most of the 'easy' stages before the pave and mountains.


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