The Tour de Force

The Tour de Force

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Key To The Highway...Stage 12: Lannemazen to Plateau de Beille...Thursday 9th July 2015

A real'll be missed.

An early transfer again (there is a distinct pattern forming here, worse luck) and a late start to what was always going to be a monster day. That's the one thing about time: you have reeeeaaaaal difficulty clawing it back. Diddums...

This ain't gonna be pretty. Actually the scenery was beautiful to be honest, hah-hah!
Ouch x 4.
We had four lumps to get over today, each one more 'orrible than the last. As with yesterday, the key was managing the day well: eating, drinking (no, no bars) and pacing ourselves within our limits. It helped no end that I was cycling with Andy and Chris amongst others various...but this trio pretty much stayed together for the duration. As if he wasn't suffering enough already, it was Chris's birthday. He claims 41. Hmmm...pass the Werthers Originals.

Open. Really? Shame.
Memorial to Fabio Casartelli who died on this descent 20 years ago.
Dave leads the rest of our rabble through a.n.other lovely village. No time to gawk, regrettement...
Next stop? The High Stuff. Bon!
You manage the occasional shot when you're barreling through towns etc...
Loons launching themselves off terra firma. No need at all.
That's Chris. It was his birthday so he had to be included, hah-hah! 
Le Tracteur affects full beans. Lamentable.
On and on and on up the final climb...time was ebbing away. Much like everything else.
Andy took this one as I arrived at the summit 5 mins (!) after him, trying to showboat at 2mph and almost stacking it...
Feeling glad all over: with Le Tracteur and OAP/Birthday Boy Chris. He's 41 you know...
An absolute 'mare to get up here but these views? Priceless.
A beer would round this off a treat!
I think it would be fair to describe this night's accommodation as er, 'basic'. Possibly best to gloss-over it and never re-visit, hah-hah! The crazy thing was that despite this being a beast of a day with the inevitable late finish, we would have a coach transfer leaving at 0630hrs: a double-whammy. Still, no-one said it as gonna be easy...I'd love to say to say that I slept well, I truly would. Sometimes you just have to laugh and go with it. Cheers!

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  1. You've surpassed yourself with the photography today Guv. Keep up the good work. Jonsey


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